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A ThinkRed Recruitment Initiative

Promoting Support, Stability, Longevity and Productivity for Employers and Employees

What is Verified?

Verified is the brain-child of our QLD Director Aaron McCauley. Having come from an extensive background in Property Management, Training and Development as well as founding several large organisations, Aaron has experienced first hand how vital correct employee on-boarding, training and support is for the success of any organisation. Unfortunately a lot of employers in the current climate are under extreme pressures and are more time-poor than ever before, which leaves new employees in that inevitable sink or swim scenario on day 1..and let's face it, without adequate support most will simply sink. Even more alarmingly, a lot of principals we speak with are completely in the dark about what is really going on within their own department and are unaware of risk factors which are having a detrimental impact on staff retention, overall employee happiness levels as well as areas where service standards are being dramatically dropped. 


Identifying that both employer and employee are working toward that same goalpost of a happy and harmonious work environment promoting support, stability, longevity and productivity (our favourite moto), we rounded up our industry peers and joined forces to create a platform that allows employers to safeguard not only a successful day 1 for their new employee but a successful day 2, 3, 4 and so on. This initiative also aids in ironing out areas of the business that could be causing great team members to walk out the door.


Who is Verified best suited for?

  • Employers who are time-poor but want and need their new employee/s to be trained and/or on-boarded appropriately

  • Employers who do not have adequate support or in-office assistance to support new team members

  • Employers who want to ensure that their employee/s are receiving the BEST training available to them

  • Employers who do not want to go through all the expense of hiring new staff only to have them leave due to disorganisation and lack of support

  • Employers who appreciate regular feedback and support to assist the business in becoming more attractive to potential long term employees and overall better itself 

  • Employers who see the value in paying recruitment fees for quality staff, however also appreciate a great package deal when they are presented with one 

What does a Verified Agency mean for our current candidate pool?

  • Guaranteed adequate on-boarding and set-up on day 1 of their new employment

  • Guaranteed training tailored to their role and responsibilities

  • Support, mentorship and coaching services

  • Access to the latest industry insights, training programs and legislation updates

  • Working for an agency committed to making the work environment the best it can be

Modern Work Space

What is included in your fee?

Discounted Placement Fees & Complimentary Training packages

Our placement fee retainer packages allow for a substantial discount on your recruitment fees by paying all upfront or on a 12 month contract and include all the complimentary Verified partner training and resource inclusions valued over $3,000!

All ThinkRed Recruitment Verified agencies are promoted out to our candidate pool aimed at attracting the best people in the biz to YOUR agency

On-boarding Service & consulting


Aimed at saving the agency in time as well as offering convenience and offering those finer touches. Each employee will have their desk prepared ready to go with a welcome pack prepared, all logins set up and will have access to their own on-boarding consultant who is there to provide on-going support for their first 3 months

Mystery Shop



Tailored to suit the structure of your individual agency, our Verified clients have access to a detailed mystery shop report. Our reports highlight what is working well, where there could be improvements and what are some of the threats impacting business enhancement, customer service levels and team productivity. 

How do we become a Verified Agency?

Plant in White Pot


Select a package

1. Singular placement- 30% savings on placement fee for one-off, upfront payment. Complimentary training, consulting and mystery shop services

2. Singular placement- 15% savings on placement fee for month by month 12 month contract. Complimentary training, consulting and mystery shop services. 

3.  Multi placement- 40% savings on placement fee for one-off, upfront payment. Complimentary training, consulting and mystery shop services

4. Multi placement- 20% savings on placement fee for 12 month contract. Complimentary training, consulting and mystery shop services


Book in your mystery shop

Speak with one of our consultants to take part in a quick questionnaire aimed at personalising the mystery shop to your agency. Once the mystery shop has been finalised you will receive a detailed report on strengths, weaknesses, praises and concerns as well as areas of improvement to assist with attracting and supporting new team members. 


Receive a score of 95% or more and you're Verified!

After completing steps 1 and 2 your agency will receive a score. Should the score fall under 95% we will work with you at no additional cost to get that score up and get your agency Verified!

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