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We've Changed the Game Again!

Late in 2021 and continuing into 2022 the Property Management marketplace dramatically changed...

Why has this happened? 

2020 and 2021 saw lockdowns, cutbacks and restrictions, it also produced a time when staff began to question what they really want to do with their careers. Some undertook study and upskilling, some focussed on family, and others moved to new places both inside and outside of Australia. The aftermath of all of this change is that there are approximately 23% fewer experienced Property Managers working in the industry now, and even fewer that are looking to change workplaces. This leaves us today with a massive skill shortage, demands for higher wage offers, more flexibility and added perks. Agencies and recruiters alike are left tearing their hair out trying to find quality talent to fill huge holes that are starting to appear in the industry.

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We're Solving the Biggest Issue in Property Management Right Now!

We're not just throwing our hands in the air like other recruiters, we've expanded our crew, teamed up with the very talented pmXcite training crew and built an industry-leading solution for this unprecedented skills shortage and we've called it Red Cadets!

So how is this going to solve the problem you may be asking?

We are using a comprehensive 6 step process to identify 'new Cadets' that we believe have the necessary complementary skills and experience from roles outside of the industry to make future fantastic Property Managers... 

Here's an infographic to walk you through our 6 step process that will lead to a new breed of Property Managers to fill the massive holes in the market that we are currently experiencing. 

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Whilst it takes all of the above steps to provide a real solution, our major points of difference here are steps 1 & 2  and steps 5 & 6 combined.

In the creation of this solution, we have really gone deep on the specific transferrable skills required and researched extensively to learn and understand where we are going to find talent with these skills. Next in the process was setting up social, advertising and attention grabbing mechanisms to attract and make people with these skills aware of the Property Management career opportunities that exist. 


Combining this Step 1 - Sourcing Solution with Step 2 - DISC profiling is where the magic happens. We've expanded the team and brought on an expert in DISC profiling to lead the Red Cadets solution and train all of our staff to understand and utilise DISC profiling. DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. It allows us to confidently identify and assess talent suitability not only to Property Management as a career but right down to the workplace environment that they will thrive within.

In Steps 3 & 4 we make sure that the candidate is going through the Property Management registration process and we utilise all we have learned during steps 1 & 2 to find exactly the right role and workplace fit to ensure team integration, harmony and placement success.

The final part of the process is where more of our defining differences are on display in Steps 5 & 6. We have teamed up with the amazingly talented Terrri Handy, Founder of pmXcite and arguably the most renowned Property Management consultant in Australia. She specialises in Property Management systems, core skill implementation and communication. We enrol our new Red Cadet in the pmXcite PM Essentials online training package. This package is the best resource on the market for getting new enthusiastic recruits completely up to speed and competent in Property Management Tasks and Best Practices within weeks. This 10 module package is valued at $695 and is included at no additional cost to you as part of our Red Cadet program.   

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Support and mentoring from both pmXcite and ThinkRed Recruitment rounds out the solution. Your Red Cadet has access to the pmXcite training crew and its community to answer any specific complex questions that arise during their training period and ThinkRed Recruitment Consultants support their transition into your workplace.

Initially launching in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

We have an amazing selection of Red Cadets ready to go across the 3 major Eastern Cities in May 2022, with Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland being added in the second half of 2022. Our mission is to develop the strongest career transition pathway into Property Management available and solve the critical skills shortage that has the industry in disarray.

Use the priority contact form below to reach out to one of our Red Cadet Specialists and we'll contact you back quick smart to discuss your business and how Red Cadets can solve your skills shortage.

Red Cadet Priority Contact Form

What's a typical Red Cadet like?

Take a look at Sam and Alyssa below, this is a typical Red Cadet profile based on the first 50 cadets that we have sourced in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Sam is a 32-year-old barista from Cronulla, he's been in hospitality for 8 years with one employer, working 8 hour shifts (32 hours a week) in the World Trade Centre in a busy CBD corporate cafe, (pulling 370 coffees a day), he's also an avid app developer and great with computers, during the rest of his week he has worked for the last couple of years casually on 2 apps that with a few other developers that are now in the app store.


He's a fantastic people person and the cafe customers love him, he's also very efficient and able to prioritise tasks, is accurate, detailed and understands from his work as a developer the need to meet deadlines and ensure that tasks are complete to produce a successful outcome.

Sam's excited by the prospect of a career that has a pathway to Head of Department, and a rewarding pay structure. He has completed his registration and is currently just waiting for his licence.


DISC - His DISC profile has come back with the Steadiness / Achiever Pattern and has a strong sense of personal work accomplishments. He is methodical, deliberate, independent and persistent. Thrives on measurable results, takes accountability for assigned work and completes tasks effectively. He can show some impatience when stressed. He is flexible and willing to compromise with people but keeps a balance between the directive side and the supportive side. 

Sam sits high on our ideal Cadet scale and we are very confident that he'll excel as a new Property Manager!


Alyssa is a 43 year old call centre worker from Dandenong, she's worked full time for the last 4 years in Amazon Australia's call centre, has 2 teenage children. She takes around 120 calls a day dealing with customer enquiries and has consistently achieved a quality service score of 92/100 in Amazon's rating system. She has decided to make a change as she felt like a number in a large workforce with very little ability to gain new skills.

Alyssa is super upbeat in her personality and is focused on maintaining positive energy in her work. She regularly won awards in her team and thrives in a busy environment. Alyssa worked as a receptionist in a Real Estate agency in her 20's and would really love to get back into the industry. She is currently completing her registration and has come on board as a Red Cadet and is currently doing some field work and training with ThinkRed's sister company ARES (Absolute Real Estate Services).

Alyssa believes she can be a fantastic Property Manager and wants to get in at the entry level and work her way up to a senior in the shortest time possible. 


DISC - Her DISC profile has come back with the CS personality - Conscientiousness and Steadiness, her work approach is preparedness and has a high sense of responsibility to her teammates. She is responsible and thrives in routine environments. She responds extremely well to thorough instructions and is motivated by customer feedback.

Alyssa has the maturity to excel as a Property Manager and is extremely reliable.

Coming soon...

You will be able to take a look at all of our Red Cadets and decide for yourself how they might fit into your Agency. Complete the priority contact form above and we'll let you know as soon as the profiles are all loaded online and ready to access (before the end of May 2022)

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