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We've got you covered in an emergency!

Do you need to hire a highly-skilled Property Manager, Leasing Consultant or administrator in your business quickly? Whether you need a temp to work in the office or remotely, we have the fastest and most reliable solution for you!

We help clients through difficult situations and unprecedented times. Since 2020, ThinkRed Recruitment has helped Talent who have been impacted by Covid-19 and agencies who have had to reduce their permanent workforce - enabling both parties to work on their own terms. We also provide cover for maternity leave and can offer extra support when your portfolio is experiencing rapid growth. You can rely on ThinkRed Temps to have your back in an emergency or to chip in and give you a hand when you need it most!

The ThinkRed Temp process is simple, fast, and most importantly, your portfolio will be professionally managed, guaranteeing your clients peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

  • No paperwork, Payroll, PAYG or Superannuation to take care of, we handle everything.

  • You just pay the hourly rate for your assigned temp.

  • You have no obligation to permanently employ your temp or keep them on beyond your current crisis needs (but you have the option to keep them if you like!).

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