11 Current Active Red Cadets

(Updated 16th August 2022)

This page is updated weekly. If you wish to interview one of the Cadets listed here, get in touch asap,  demand for cadets is high...


M.O. is in Everton Park, she is looking to make a career change into an area that she has always been passionate about. She has a working background in interior design, landscape design and a couple of customer service-based roles. She thoroughly enjoys being able to make people feel at home and feels that Real Estate is where she is meant to be.


Transferable skills:

  • Motivated and approachable

  • People orientated

  • Great attention to detail

  • Good listener and understanding of needs and wants


Suitable Positions: Sales Associate, Leasing consultant Or Assistant Property Manager


M.O. has her full real estate license and is very passionate about getting into the industry. Ideally, she would love to step into a sales role but is happy to step into any role so she can apply her knowledge and progress into her dream role.


Salary preference: $55k + SUPER


T.C. lives in Nundah and frequently travels between Brisbane and Toowoomba to visit family. She has been interested in real estate for numerous years and is ready to take a step into the industry. Currently she works as an inbound sales representative. Previously to this role she has worked as a bartender, hospitality supervisor and a food and beverage attendant.


Transferable skills:

  • Quick learner

  • Good customer service and leadership skills

  • Tech savvy

  • Good phone manner


Suitable Positions: Junior Property Manager,  Property Manager Administrator or Receptionist 


T.C. is looking to make her next career move into something that she enjoys, keeps her busy and has room for progression, ideally, she would like to step into property management first and then move her way into a sales type position. She does not currently hold her registration certificate but is actively looking at training providers. She is currently on her learner license but has been granted an exemption.


Salary preference: $45k - $55k + SUPER


F.L. is located in Brisbane but is originally from the Philippines. Outside of work she likes to keep herself busy and cultured, she likes going out and trying new food and cuisines, spending time with friends and her partner and going on adventures, parks, and the beach.


F.L. currently works as a commis chef where she enjoys the fast-paced environment, the customers and the team. 


Transferable skills:

  • Resilient and efficient

  • Customer service skills

  • Organized and time management

  • Good computer skills


Suitable Positions: Receptionist, Sales & Property Management Administration or Personal Assistant to the Director


F.L. is looking for an administration type role that is less than 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD, she is on a visa but has full working rights. She is not currently enrolled into the registration certificate but is in the process of enrolling into one.


Salary preference: $55K


J..K. currently lives in the outer suburbs of Brisbane in Sunnybank with her 2 young children. She works mainly nights now, so a lot of her free time is spent taking care of her kids or catching up on rest. She is polite and well-spoken and is looking for work- life balance.


J.K. is currently a duty manager of a well-known restaurant where she handles everything to do with the shift. Supervising and directing staff, dealing with back of house issues, complaint resolutions and is confidently able to handle cash and conduct opening and closing procedures.


Transferable skills:

  • Customer service

  • Quick learner

  • Problem solving

  • Good attention to detail

Suitable Positions: Maintenance Coordinator, Field Reports Manager or Administration Assistant 


J.K. is looking for a role in which she can finally make the switch from nights to days in an industry that she has been interested in for a while now. She is looking for a full-time role in a progressive and stable space. Ideally would be suited for an administrative role as she does not have her license as of yet. She is also looking at enrolling into the registration course.


Salary preference: $50K


A.T. lives at her family home in Eatons Hill, she spends her time outside of work doing leisurely activities and taking time for herself, she just recently rescued a dog and is looking forward to being able to take good care and provide a happy home.


A.T. is currently working in a retail store where she handles a lot of customers. She is confident in conducting opening and closing procedures, handling complaints and maintaining store presentation. Prior to this role she was a business administration trainee and a doggy day care attendant.


Transferable skills:

  • Understanding of wants and needs

  • Tech savvy

  • Performs well under pressure

  • Phone manner

Suitable Positions: Receptionist, Director of First Impression's, Administration Assistant or Trainee Property Manager

A.T. is looking to start a stable career in which she hopes to grow and learn in order to begin her transition to adulthood. She is happy to take on any position, and would even consider a traineeship if It meant getting a start. She is currently enrolling into the registration course.


Salary preference: $45K


K.B is located in Brisbane CBD and loves to be out and about, keeping herself busy in her spare time visiting new cafes and restaurants with her partner. 


K.B. is currently a qualified senior hairdresser and operates as a second in command at her salon. K.B is ready to take on a new opportunity that she is truly passionate about and be surrounded in a positive environment.


Transferable skills:

  • Upselling and meeting KPI’s

  • Great communicator

  • Multi-tasking

  • Basic administrative duties

  • People skills

Suitable Positions: Administration Assistant, Sales Associate or Receptionist 


K.B. does not currently have her registration but is actively looking to enrol. She has a very keen interest in sales and is ready to take on any opportunity that becomes available. 


Salary preference: $45K + Super


MG has just relocated back to Brisbane from Yeppoon and will be looking for a role up to 45 minutes from the CBD. He enjoys sports, four wheel driving, fishing, socialising and the outdoors.


MG has spent the last 3 years studying aviation and commercial pilots licence as well as working in retail casually.


Transferable Skills:

  • Strong ability to work as part of a team

  • High level of problem solving capability

  • Highly dedicated

  • Can be trusted with autonomous tasks

  • Strong rapport-building ability and a cool, calm and collected demeanour

Suitable Positions: Junior Property Manager, Routines Officer or Leasing Consultant


He is looking at any full time role in RE as a career option outside of or prior to pursuing a career as a commercial pilot.


Salary preference:  $50K-$60k + Super


J.T lives near Brisbane CBD and is passionate about working in the real estate industry. J.T comes from a background in property management, marketing and customer service and brings with him a wealth of experience working with people. 


Transferable skills:

  • Strong communication skills

  • Multi-lingual (Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English & Malay)

  • High attention to detail

  • Organisational and time management skills

  • Dependability

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Leasing officer or Field agent

J.T has his current Real Estate Registration Certificate and is available from mid-July onward.


Salary preference: $50K + Super 


A.H is located in the Holland Park area and having spent some time working in and thoroughly enjoying the personable aspect of hospitality, she has come to discover her passion for people and quick thinking problem solving. A.H is about to embark on renting her first property with their fiancé.


A.H is looking for a full time role in Administration or Property Management.


Transferable Skills: 

  • Strong Customer service and people skills

  • Multitasking 

  • High Attention to detail 

  • Strong Work Ethic 

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Reception, Administration


A.H is currently in the process of enrolling to complete her Real Estate Registration Certificate. 


Salary Preference: $50K + Super 


D.B. has recently moved from New Zealand to Australia about 1 ½ years ago. He is very active, enjoys the gym and sports and is looking to get back into the industry since moving to Australia.


D.B. is currently a security guard but has previous experience in the industry as a property manager in NZ, has also dabbled in sales but found it wasn’t quite his forte.


Transferable skills:

  • Tech savvy and MS Office proficient

  • Able to work within a team and individually

  • Time management skills

  • Empathetic and good with people

  • Previous Property Management experience


D.B. is ready to get back into the industry as this is the industry where he feels the most accomplished in, he enjoys feeling productive and has a very high work ethic for himself. He is ideally looking for a junior/ assistant property management role but is happy with any opportunity that is given to him.

Suitable Positions: Junior or Assistant Property Manager, Maintenance coordinator, Field agent or Routines officer


Salary preference: $45K-$55K + Super


S.C. is currently in the process of moving to Brisbane CBD with his partner. He is currently a university student where he studies business management and ancient history, he finds himself really enjoying these topics and hopes that someday he can apply his knowledge to the work force. He also spends his free time keeping himself active.


S.C. Is unemployed at the moment due to lack of contracting available for the SDA, where he worked as a report consultant. In this role he complied reports and documents on why candidates should receive housing, he communicated with higher management on tenant approvals and did a lot of administration type work.


Transferable skills:

  • Sales

  • Experienced in MS office suite

  • Great communication skills

  • Ability to work within a team and individually

  • Good work ethic

  • Strong administration skills


S.C. is ideally looking to just get into the industry and he feels it is a good opportunity for career growth, so he would be more than happy to take on any role he is given. He is willing to travel up to half an hour from the Brisbane CBD for a role.

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Maintenance Coordinator, Administration 


Salary preference: $45K- $55K + Super