CURRENT RED CADETS - Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

22 Current Active Red Cadets

(Updated Thursday 16th August 2022)

This page is updated weekly. If you wish to interview one of the Cadets listed here, get in touch asap,  demand for cadets is high...


M.O. lives in Ashmore where he works as an assistant supervisor for a catering company. He has worked in this role for the last 4 years and worked through every role to get to his current position, his day to day consists of training new associates and assisting other areas of the company with food production, he monitors all food items to ensure they are meeting customer specifications and government regulations.


Transferable skills:

  • Adaptive learner

  • Tech savvy

  • Good time management

  • Confident with using MS office suite


Suitable Positions: Junior Property Manager, Leasing Consultant or Field Agent 


M.O. is very much a hands on worker and would love a role where he can get out and about for the day. He has completed his registration with Entry Education and is awaiting to lodge with the OFT.


Salary preference: $40k - $45k + SUPER


L.T. currently lives in Sydney but is looking to relocate to the Gold Coast as soon as she finds a job. L.T currently has a job as a sales assistant within the beauty industry, where she spends her day selling products, performing high levels of customer service and communication, and upkeeping her knowledge on a variety of products.


Transferable skills:

  • Ability to build rapport

  • Good time management

  • Sales skills


Suitable Positions: Sales Assistant, Junior Property Manager or Administration Assistant


L.T. is wanting to get her foot in the industry to see where her passion is, she would love to step into property management eventually but thinks that an administrative role would be best so she can build and learn new skills and industry knowledge.


Salary preference: $45- $60k + Super


B.A, currently lives in Southport. He currently works in front of house at a restaurant where he interacts with customers, general upkeep of store presentations, addressing complaints and providing good service.


Transferable skills:

  • Hard working and driven

  • Reliable

  • Customer service

  • works well in fast paced environments


Suitable Positions: Sales Associate or Leasing consultant once registration obtained 


B.A. is looking to progress into a long-term career in which he can grow into and believes Real Estate is the place for him. Ideally he believes he would be best suited in a sales role, due to his family also working in sales. He does not currently have his registration but is actively working towards it.


Salary preference: $45- $60k + Super


C.C. lives in Surfers Paradise where she has just recently started to figure out where she wants to go in a career. Currently she works at boost juice as a team member, prior to this role she has worked in cafes and McDonalds where she has built up a lot of customer service experience and working as a team and individually.


Transferable skills:

  • Reliable

  • Time management

  • Good problem solving

  • Confidence in using basic computer functions


Suitable Positions: Administration, Junior Property Manager or Receptionist 


C.C. has always been interested in the industry but has never been able to take the leap, she feels now is a good time to start her career in a progressive and stable industry. She is happy to take on any role she is given as she would like to be able to learn a bit of everything before she finds her footing in her forever role. She is not currently enrolled into her registration but is actively looking into training providers.


Salary preference: $45k -$55k + SUPER


C.J lives in Upper Coomera. He loves sports, staying athletic and is an easy going guy who is interested in travel and all things property related.


C.J has wishes to work towards enhancing his organizational & time management skills in a more fulfilling field


Transferable Skills:

  • Administration including payment taking, job allocation & rostering. MS Office Proficient

  • Strong customer service skills

  • High attention to detail

  • Adaptability

  • Teamwork

  • High communication skills


Suitable Positions: Administration Assistant, Sales Assistant, Field Reports Manager or Trainee Property Manager


He is keen to re-start his career by stepping back into a busy and challenging Admin role and is excited to move into Property Management in the future. C.J is currently looking into the requirements to obtain his Real Estate Registration. 


Salary preference:  $45k + Super


E.R. lives in Pimpama, Gold Coast. He has a lot of experience as an architectural draftsperson and building designer, in these roles some of his tasks were to create custom homes to suit a customer’s needs. E.R has done work for both residential and commercial and had a lot of experience handling paperwork. He has also worked in a temp role at SeaWorld as an attraction’s attendant.


Transferable skills:

  • Good customer service

  • Rapport building and listening

  • Great computer skills

  • Problem solving


Suitable Positions: Junior Property Manager, Leasing Consultant (once qualified) Sales Associate or Marketing Manager


E.R. has just recently started his registration certificate with REAA and is actively going through the coursework. Ideally he is looking for a fulltime role in property management or sales and is more than happy to work his way up into roles. He is very excited to make this career change and is looking forward to the challenges that come along with it.


Salary preference: $55k - $60k + Super


P.M is located in Nerang where he enjoys reading, learning, listening to podcasts and enjoying the outdoors by going hiking or skating. He enjoys structure, is well spoken and highly disciplined and is excited to forge a career path of his own within the industry.


P.M is actively looking to start a career path full of growth and independence. He is willing to drive up to 30 minutes for a role. P.M has an impressive educational background working as a teacher from 2015- 2021 and also as a curriculum developer in 2021. 


Transferable skills:

  • Time management

  • Good with technology

  • Enjoys structure

  • Fast learner

Suitable Positions: Field Manager (once Registration Completed), Junior Property Manager or Director of First Impression's


P.M is looking for a full-time role in Property Management, Leasing Consultant or Field officer. A role that he is always challenging himself in and has unlimited room for growth. He is currently enrolling into the registration course.


Salary preference: $50 - $65K + Super


E.M. currently lives in Melbourne and is relocating to the Gold Coast in December 2022/ January 2023. She is a motivated, driven and enthusiastic person who enjoys being put in a challenge.


E.M. currently works as Compliance Officer for an airline, she has been with this company for 9 years and is also an owner of her own business for the last 5 years, where she specialises in cakes and pastries.


Transferable skills:

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Tech savvy

  • Customer service skills and multilingual

  • Attention to detail

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Field Manager or Administration and compliance Officer


E.M. is looking to step into a challenging new role where she can learn the intricacies of the industry by stepping into a property management or leasing consultant role.  She is currently completing the course work.


Salary preference: $55K- 65K + Super


R.R. lives in Pimpama, Gold Coast although only recently located here from Sydney. She has 4 older children and enjoys keeping herself busy whether that be arts and crafts or sports!


R.R. currently works as a residential youth worker where she trains staff as well as performs her regular duties of assisting her clients, administering medication, and providing support to young people. Prior to this role she worked across the administration and hospitality sector.


Transferable skills:

  • Customer service

  • Takes initiative

  • Time management skills

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Suitable Positions: Sales Associate, Assistant Property Manager or Receptionist 


R.R. has always had an interest within the industry and is ready to make a career change. Ideally, she is looking for a full-time role up to 1 hour from Pimpama in either Property Sales or Property Management. She is currently enrolling into her registration.


Salary preference: $60K + Super


S.A. lives in the Gold Coast, Pimpama. He lives here with his two young children, he enjoys keeping himself busy by spending time with his family, keeping up to date with technology and is always looking for ways in which he can further develop himself and his skills.


S.A. is a business owner, he currently owns two restaurants and is very well known in the area. He is in the process of selling these businesses as he wishes to work more set hours so he can be with his family.  


Transferable skills:

  • Time management

  • Ability to build rapport

  • Works well under pressure

  • Excellent customer service skills

Suitable Positions: Sales Associate, Leasing Consultant or Routines Officer 


S.A. is willing to travel up to 45 minutes for a role, he is happy to work part-time until the sale of his second business is complete. He is ideally looking for a sales or Leasing consultant role and  has his registration certificate.


Salary preference: $60K + Super


M.B. currently lives in Helensvale and has lived there her whole life. She enjoys hiking, music, swimming and having family and friends over for BBQ’s. She has a very confident, outgoing, and patient personality and is looking for a drastic career change.


M.B is currently a Disability Support worker, where she takes care of clients who require domestic assistance in activities like cooking, cleaning, washing and providing social support.


Transferable skills:

  • Rapport building skills

  • Fast and eager learner

  • Ability to work individually and as a team

  • Ability to work under pressure

Suitable Positions: Receptionist, Property Management Administrator or Leasing Consultant (Once Registration completed)


M.B is looking to make a career change into an industry in which she is very interested in, she is ideally looking for an administration type role, Property Management or even Leasing Consultant position. She is currently enrolling into the registration course.


Salary preference: $55K - $65K + Super


P.R. is living on the Gold Coast in Burleigh Heads. She enjoys spending quality time with her son and family, going to the beach, exercising, and being immersed in nature. She enjoys helping people and thinks that this is the perfect industry to show that passion.


P.R. currently works as a customer service associate where she provides phone and internet assistance to incoming business traffic. Prior to this role she was a receptionist and a business owner.


Transferable skills:

  • Time management

  • Tech savvy

  • Good people skills

  • Quick learner

  • Bilingual

Suitable Positions: Trainee Property Manager, Administration Assistant or Personal Assistant to the Director 


P.R. is looking to move into a more fulfilling and progressive career within the industry, She is happy to give anything a go, whether that be Property Management, leasing, Administration or even Sales; ideally in a full-time position. She is looking for something close to home and will travel up to 30 minutes. She is currently enrolling into the registration course.


Salary preference: $60K + Super


N.C. is currently in Broadbeach Waters where she enjoys staying up to date with local events by reading the daily paper. She has 2 older children and is now ready to move into a new industry.


N.C. currently spends her days assisting management and co-ordinating clients that are looking to obtain licensing in Hypnotherapy and professional coaching!


Transferable skills:

  • Strong customer service

  • Attention to detail and data entry

  • Time management

  • Excellent procedural manners

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Sales and Property Management Administrator or Director of First Impressions


N.C. is looking for a full-time role ideally in Property management or Administration. She is ready to take a career path that she has put on hold while her children were still growing, she is looking for a passionate career where she can finally put her best interests forward. She has completed the registration and is lodging with the OFT.


Salary preference: $55K- $65K + Super


C.E is relocating to the GC from Cairns after working in the Navy for the last 3 years. She has a refreshing drive and motivation for work and has a lovely personality to match! She comes from a family with a large air force background, loves being outdoors, fitness and baking.


C.E has a fantastic attitude, great work ethic and is a disciplined and level headed young lady. She is full of drive, enthusiasm, determination and takes tremendous pride in herself and her work.


Transferable Skills:

  • Impeccable presentation and positive attitude

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Genuine, caring customer service

  • Exceptional punctuality & time management

  • High communication skills

Suitable Positions: Director of First Impressions, Assistant Property Manager or Administration Assistant 


She is keen to get into a career in property management as she really feels that she has the skills, interest, work ethic and determination to be very successful and find fulfilment. 


Salary preference:  $50k -$60k+ Super


J.T lives near Brisbane CBD and is passionate about working in the real estate industry. J.T comes from a background in property management, marketing and customer service and brings with him a wealth of experience working with people. 


Transferable skills:

  • Strong communication skills

  • Multi-lingual (Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English & Malay)

  • High attention to detail

  • Organisational and time management skills

  • Dependability

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Leasing officer or Field agent

J.T has his current Real Estate Registration Certificate and is available from mid-July onward.


Salary preference: $50K + Super 


M.S is currently residing in Pallara and is looking at getting into Property Management.  He is currently working as a Sales Person but his passion really falls in line with property management. Prior to stepping into the Sales position M.S was working as a Warehouse Manager for 5 years Supervising a team of 10-15 staff. 


M.S has his Cert IV Property Service and has a current Real Estate Registration. M.S has 12 months of Property Management experience in India where he was working as an Assistant Property Manager. He has strong customer service and organizational skills. M.S also holds a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in Leadership and Management. 


Transferable Skills: 

  • Strong attention to detail 

  • High level of communication and organizational skills 

  • Time Management 

  • Great work ethic and drive to get into the industry 

  • Dependability 

  • Management skills

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Field agent, Leasing officer, Maintenance coordinator


Salary Preference: $60K + SUPER.


S.P lives in the Gold Coast Hinterland. She is passionate about helping people and fashion. S.P has some basic foreign Real Estate experience, and extensive experience and skills in B2B wholesale & merchandising. She is positive, open minded and driven.


Transferable Skills:

  • Building rapport and credibility with people

  • Strong problem assessment & solving skills

  • Very high attention to detail

  • Persistent

  • Speaks English, Taiwanese & Mandarin

Suitable positions: Assistant Property Manager, Reception, Administration, Field Agent, Routines Officer, Leasing Agent

S.P is very interested in a part time role but would also consider the right full time position. S.P has her current Real estate registration Certificate.

Salary Preference:  Part time negotiable, Full Time $45K-60k + Super


V.B lives on the Sunshine Coast and is looking to enter a career in real estate. V.B is keen on new challenges and has a passion for property, exercise, spending time with family and painting.


In 2019-2020 V.B had a purpose built Air BNB for 18 months and has a good basic understanding of how tenancies work with managing bookings, advertising, consistent correspondence with clients, maintenance, stock control and managing good cleaning processes.  


Transferable skills:

  • Customer service

  • Management skills

  • Teamwork

  • Administrative skills

  • Organisation and planning skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Dependable and reliable

  • Professional verbal and written communication

Suitable Positions: Assistant Property Manager, Field Agent, Leasing Agent, Maintenance coordinator, Administration, Reception


V.B has a current Real Estate Registration Certificate and is ready for an immediate start.

Salary preference: $50K + Super


L.H lives on the Gold Coast and has 3.5 years of call centre experience for a large Telecommunications Company, dedicated to building relationships and resolving a broad range of customer issues. 


In terms of previous administrative experience, L.H's recent Telecommunications role would require her to arrange set up for new services, transfer services when customers moved home, resolve billing issues, organise technicians and provide continuous follow up with customers. More recently, L.H has been working for an established cleaning brand. 


Transferable Skills:

  • Customer service skills

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Organisational skills

  • Technology literacy

  • Administrative skills


Suitable positions: Administration, Reception, Maintenance coordinator


L.H is looking forward to establishing herself in an administration role in the Real Estate industry through her dedicated attitude and excellent communication skills. She hopes to move into Property Management in the near future.


Salary preference: $45k + Super


S.S is currently working as an Assistant Property Manager in New Zealand and will be relocating to QLD towards the end of June. He has 6 months of experience in Sales and 6 months experience in Property Management learning a variety of different skills.


S.S has a strong passion for the Real Estate industry and is keen to progress further into a Property Management position. S.S is eager to learn as much as he can to further build his knowledge on the industry.


Transferable skills:

  • Fantastic communication skills 

  • Fast learner with great social skills 

  • High attention to detail 

  • Organization skills

  • Property Management experience

Suitable Positions: Junior Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Maintenance Coordinator


Salary Preference: $55K + Super



H.Z lives in the Gold Coast and is currently working in real estate in the marketing field with a background in real estate sales for REA and Domain. H.Z is looking for a role where she can progress and would love to get into a Property management role either managing a portfolio or bringing on new business. 


Transferable skills:

  • Strong administrative skills- use of CRM software REX, MS Office, Photoshop etc

  • Marketing skills

  • Bilingual (English & Mandarin)

  • Dependability

  • Adaptability

Suitable Positions: Business Development Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Administration


H.Z has her full Real Estate License 


Salary preference: $45K- $55K + Super 


B.D. is in Upper Coomera keeping herself busy. She spends her time outside of work playing netball or coaching! She is wanting to build herself a career and put all her skills to good use.


B.D has plenty of customer service experience across a variety of retail stores. Currently she works in sales where she prepares phone plans, up-sells products and assists customers.


Transferable skills:

  • Confident in conflict resolution

  • Strong time management skills

  • Efficient in MS office suite

  • Up-selling skills

  • Great people skills


B.D. is an active, young candidate who is ready to put herself out there and get into a career where she can apply her skills and shine within the industry.

Suitable Positions: Junior Administrator, Junior Property Manager, Reception


Salary preference: $45k + Super