• Shonleigh Draper

Jodie Stainton from LPMA - the questions you should be asking Principals in job interviews

Our Talent Advisor Shonleigh Draper recently sat down with the incredible Jodie Stainton from LPMA to discuss the type of questions that talent should be asking Principals when they are interviewing for new opportunities in the industry. They talked about growth, retention and career paths and how to ensure talent are setting themselves up for success in their new role from day one.

Jodie REALLY simplified this and believes that talent need to be asking questions around... 1) Growth

2) Culture

3) The investment, time and energy that goes into systems within the business

And Jodie even spoon feeds us the questions that she believes are pivotal in asking during the interview process. This really is a MUST watch for anyone working in real estate or property!