• Shonleigh Draper

7 things you probably didn't know about ThinkRed...

1) We are Talent Advisors (not just "recruiters") in Real Estate and Property Management Over the past few years we've built the "Empowering Women in Property" community, made up of 1350+ women working in real estate and property management in south-east Queensland, and we engage with and nurture this community on a daily basis! We even run yearly events for them because we believe that women in property management deserve their own special day to learn, grow and take their personal lives and careers to the next level. This also means that at any given time, we have an abundance of high-quality, experienced professionals who have asked us to "keep them in the loop" regarding the best opportunities that pop up in the industry. Which means we can find the right person for our clients, really fast! Likewise, it means we're able to align our talent with clients that we already know, like and trust. Win-win!

2) We rarely advertise on Seek and we don't use "headhunting" as a recruitment strategy

We're not pulling your leg, it's true! Because we've created and fostered a strong and loyal community (Empowering Women in Property) of real estate and property management professionals over the past few years, it's meant that we don't need to aggressively headhunt for talent (wooo!). We don't pencil in daily, monthly or even yearly headhunting call sessions which some may think is kinda crazy. The thing is, at ThinkRed we're all about being in forever-kinda partnerships as opposed to short summer holiday flings, so headhunting has never been our strategy for success. We also rarely use Seek when advertising because we just don't feel like we get the best possible outcome for our clients this way (let's be real, anyone can bang up an ad and post it on Seek, download some CVs and organise an interview). We're all about proactively finding the right person, not reactively filling the role. However on the odd occasion that one of our clients needs us to recruit someone into the business quite quickly, for the purpose of speed and efficiency we may go to Seek to cast the net that little bit wider!

3) We hand over the reference checks we conduct (word for word)

Yup, we even include the not-so-pretty stuff, the "Ummms", the *awkward pauses*, and the "No I wouldn't employ them again" comments. Warts and all, we lay it all out for our clients so that they have all the information they need to make the best decision for themselves and their agency. There's no point in hiding these things, transparency is our core value and it's at the forefront of everything we do.

4) We work with our talent proactively, not reactively

Being 'home' to the Empowering Women in Property community enables us to proactively recruit for our talent once they've made the decision to explore new opportunities in the industry. This means that we are rarely in a position where we are interviewing someone who is in a highly-emotional and reactive state of mind where they are desperately seeking a new role to start in 3 days time. We've chosen to recruit this way because it means that our talent are more inclined to make logical and well thought out decisions, not fast and emotionally-driven decisions.

5) We outsource to a Psychologist (3 pre-paid sessions per talent)

Because sometimes in life, bad things happen (things like miscarriage, death and illness, trauma, financial pressure, relationship breakdowns) and those things deeply effect our talent and are things that we aren't professionally educated or trained to assist with. When these things happen, with their permission and blessing, we refer our talent onto our Psychologist who works with them 1-1 so that they can get the help they need to return to their families, colleagues and workplace happier and clearer than they were before.

6) We offer free industry-based training sessions, courses and resources

We know that sometimes our clients need to get their new employee up and running really quickly, or one of our talents may need to learn a new system quickly when they start their new role. The strong working relationships that we've fostered over the past few years have given us the opportunity to reach out to our service provider friends (like in the industry and organise free (for the talent and client) training sessions and courses to assist them with systems, technology, best practise, on-boarding and so much more. We love being able to give back to our clients and talent and help professionally develop them even further - it gives us a serious buzz!

7) We provide our clients with the Skills Assessments that we conduct

Because we know that it's important for our clients to be able to hone in on what someones skillset actually looks like when they get down to the nitty gritty of it all. Telling them that Sally is an "experienced Property Manager" just doesn't cut the mustard. So we ask our talent the tricky (and detailed) questions about their specific experience in the industry, their property management knowledge and skillset and what they've had maximum and minimal exposure to in their previous roles. We ask questions like, "When was the last time you read the Residential Tenancies Act?", because it's important for us to get the whole picture. And we ensure that our clients have full access to this information in hard-copy so that they can make a fully informed decision once they've interviewed our talent for their role.