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Empowering Careers, Unleashing Superheroes - ThinkRed Recruitment

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We make recruiting a new team member or finding your new job..EASY!

At ThinkRed Recruitment, we specialise in real estate recruitment, leveraging our extensive expertise and network within the industry to connect top talent with leading companies.


With a deep understanding of the nuances and demands of the real estate sector, we pride ourselves on our ability to match skilled professionals with organisations where they can thrive and make meaningful contributions.


However, we're not limited to real estate alone; our commitment to excellence extends beyond boundaries. As we expand our services to encompass other sectors such as marketing, hospitality, and strata management, our dedication to delivering exceptional results remains unwavering.


Whether you're a candidate seeking your next career opportunity or a company in search of the perfect fit for your team, ThinkRed Recruitment stands ready to provide personalised attention, expert guidance, and unparalleled support every step of the way.


Partner with us, and experience the difference of a recruitment agency that goes above and beyond to ensure success for both candidates and clients alike.

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In response to the pressing challenges faced by employers today, particularly the struggle to find quality staff, ThinkRed Recruitment has taken proactive steps to address this issue head-on. Recognising the importance of not just finding talent, but also nurturing and upskilling them to meet the demands of modern workplaces, we have introduced our innovative program: RED CADETS

Through Red Cadets, we identify promising candidates and equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in their roles, effectively bridging the gap between education and employment. By partnering with ThinkRed Recruitment and embracing the Red Cadets initiative, employers can not only attract top talent but also cultivate a skilled and adaptable workforce ready to meet the evolving needs of their organisation

Empowering Women in Property (EWIP) was born in 2016 from a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of women working within the Property Management industry in Australia. We felt that they needed a place and a community to call 'home'.


The EWIP community currently has over 2,000 incredible women that empower, advise and support each other every single day. Each member of the community brings their own incredible life experience, skills and expertise and together EWIP collectively offers a safe place where women in Property Management feel supported and inspired to be the best possible version of themselves.

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